1. How to use custom photoset layouts on Tumblr

    So you’ve seen people posting 10 gifs straight down in a row and said to yourself, that’s a great idea, why didn’t I think of posting a gifset like that? Then you go to do it and realise that layout isn’t available, yeah? Well I had the same conundrum, and after a few google searches I managed to find out how it’s done.

    You will need one of the following browsers and their corresponding add ons which allow you to customise the way web pages behave using javascript scripts. I haven’t tested it in Safari, but I can’t see any reason it wouldn’t work.

    Once you have the above software you need to install the user script that modifies the photo upload page.

    Once you have this installed correctly you will then be presented with the following text box when you try to upload multiple images.


    The way you fill in the information in the text box is relatively simple.

    You just declare the number of images you want on each row separately with no spaces.

    • 5 pictures in a column you enter 11111


    • 2 on the first row, 1 on the second, 2 on the third you enter 212


    • Don’t forget to click the button Use Custom

    Values should be entered as just plain numbers.

    You are still restricted by a maximum number of three images per row and ten images per photoset, but now you can decide what goes where.

    (Source: teaweedandbooze.com)

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