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    From myself and bunny, I shall bid you all good night.

    I have the dog version of that bowl. Not relevant or anything.

    We have the cat version, for our rabbit…

    I have the cat version for Xander! Small world!

  2. Anonymous said: Well I, anon, also like those things. Well you did ask for curious anons and it wouldn't be an anon ask without the grey face, now would it? ;)

    Very true. I forgot it said anon. Come off anon :) nice to talk to new people.

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    Anonymous said: What would your ideal date consist of?

    I like relaxing dates. No cinema, how do you get to know someone when you can’t speak. A few drinks to break the ice, especially if it’s a blind date or someone I don’t know well. If she doesnt drink then ice cream or a coffee. Then somewhere with really good food. I love food. Then chill in the beer garden of a pub and play drinking games, card games, laugh and joke around. What about grey face? Why so anon?

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    Anonymous said: What's your idea of fun?

    Time with friends. Doesn’t matter what it is, getting pissed, getting high, smoking cigarettes on a garden wall, playing xbox, fucking about. My friends are everything. Fun doesn’t even cover it. They make me excited to be alive.

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    Why is tinder so shit? Why do I live in a tiny village?

  8. Sometimes you just need a cuddle and by the look of things it’s going to be a long long time before I get one from anyone worthwhile. It’s literally almodt impossible to find a woman that is good fun, actually a genuinely nice person, beautiful and good in bed.

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  10. #nope

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    Literally amazing :)

    Literally amazing :)

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